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Avoiding the Internet Scams !

If you are considering a home based business opportunity to make or earn extra income from home you may want to consider that there are many internet scams out there and spotting them are not as easy as one would think. There are some fantastic business opportunities and success stories out there, but be careful of websites that promise the world because if it sounds to good to be true it usually is and there are just as many internet home business scams and fraudulent money making schemes out there as well.

Charles Miller


Upcoming Events !!

Soon we will be adding an RSS feed from TopClassAds and tons of additional content including Internet Businesses in the market places, business for sale forums, Franchise information for people looking to open a franchise and sources of where to find them.


New Public Polling Review and Rating System

We have installed the new Review and Rating system under the Reviews & Ratings tab. 

www.TopClassAds.com 's

We are working to install a polling page where you will be able to vote on and voice your comments about internet businesses. Expected to be installed around 04.15.08

Top Class Ads has received a facelift and we will be adding the much needed content shortly

Visit the forums and add your comments so that other people do not make the same mistakes that we have.


Added a number of federal sites that people can report fraud.

Added a Rating and Review of businesses under the Business Reviews button


Added the following RSS Feed

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